Tecnología Deportiva S.A. was founded in Callosa de Segura (Alicante, Spain) in 1979 by Mr. Antonio Benimeli. In its beginnings, the company’s activity was focused firstly on the local area and later on the international one, offering the market innovative and high quality products, commercialised under the brand LEÓN DE ORO.

We specialise in tailor-made nets with solutions and ideas for their design and use.

The size of the company means that nets can be manufactured on customer request, applying parameters such as rope thickness, mesh diameter, colour or shape.

As we were always passionate about making the world better and safer, Tecnología Deportiva S.A. was the first netting company in Spain to start obtaining international certifications for nets. Today, as an active member of the European Committee for Standardisation, we aim to meet the specific needs of the sports and construction markets by offering sustainable and high quality products at a very competitive price.

To achieve this goal we create innovative proposals and take care of every detail, always looking for opportunities to improve ourselves.

With a clear international projection, we are present in more than 35 countries and we have development plans to continue increasing our presence in the world.

Numbers 1

We are the first manufacturers in Spain.

Our line of high-tech knotless nets, manufactured with high tenacity polypropylene, represent a new concept in the manufacture of nets.


100% recyclable and very light (its specific weight is 0.91 less than water).

An inert material, which does not produce bacteria, totally anti-allergic, and not digestible by any insect, not even moths!


The fibres are of high quality: they are non-absorbent, giving maximum protection against stains; they maintain their tenacity in acidic or alkaline environments and do not accumulate static electricity.


We use materials with high protection against ultraviolet rays (they suffer less than those made of polyamide) and high resistance to abrasion. So resistant that they are not affected by any acid except boiling xylene.


Our nets are very easy to assemble. They have no knots (New Technology), so there is no possibility of them shifting and they do not need to be dimensionally stabilised by thermofixing.


We manufacture in different colours so that you can find the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

In addition, thanks to its bright colouring, it better delimits the workspaces.


The quality of the raw material

Alfredo Sánchez General Manager

The management of TECNOLOGÍA DEPORTIVA, S.A, considers the main objective of the company to be to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers to the maximum, to comply with the regulations applicable to the products it sells and to achieve an increasingly higher level of quality in its products, through continuous improvement and the motivation of all its staff.

To achieve these objectives TECNOLOGÍA DEPORTIVA, S.A. bases its quality policy on the self-control of the operator, orienting it towards the prevention of defects and the awareness and participation of all its personnel in the achievement of quality.

TECNOLOGÍA DEPORTIVA, S.A., assuming this commitment to quality, appoints the technical textile engineer, Daniel Cantó, to whom it gives the necessary authority to control and keep up to date the Quality System it has implemented.

In all the Quality activities immersed in the production process, the Management of TECNOLOGÍA DEPORTIVA, S.A. considers as part of its commitment to provide the necessary technical and human resources for the development of these activities, as well as to carry out a systematic documentation of these activities that helps the prevention, detection, correction and analysis of the Quality deficiencies throughout the whole production process.

The Management assumes the role of driving force in the Quality strategy, effectively supporting the necessary participation of all the company’s personnel and motivating them to achieve the objectives proposed in the implemented Quality System, the basic lines of which are referred to in the Quality Manual.

Fdo General Manager

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