Superfix hook

Installation accessories

The superfix hook is used to attach the safety net to the bottom flange of the steel beam.

Ideally used for installing nets in steel deck and mezzanine assembly.

Manufactured from coated passivated carbon. Diameter is 8 mm.

Available in sizes: 25 mm, 40 mm and 75 mm.


Coated passivated carbon

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8 mm
25 mm
8 mm
40 mm
8 mm
75 mm


If our nets do not fit your formats, do not worry, we will tailor them for you.

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Safety nets

At León de Oro we manufacture all types of safety nets, focusing practically all our production on knotless polypropylene because it has the best qualities for compliance with European standards.

Our nets are present worldwide.

We manufacture nets to any measure.
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